In the face of COVID-19, what does the future hold for Digital HR Technology?

COVID-19’s influence has intensified Digital HR, as new ways of working have driven companies to tap into their innovations and pushed for innovative ways to exploit them.

Investigate how your business can improve its HR digital foundation and unlock the true potential of Digital HR technology.

The COVID-19 crisis is still unfolding and has impacted every aspect of society. This crisis is proving to be an unexpected stress test for HR and Digital HR technology, exposing previously overlooked vulnerabilities and allowing for the implementation of new innovative digital solutions.

Simultaneously, this pandemic ushers in a new reality: a high demand for virtual working, characterized by easy, intuitive, and “waterproof” systems that can be accessed at any time and from any place.

As almost every employee is being forced to adapt to a new and/or remote way of working, this is critical in preserving job continuity from an employee perspective, this results in work and personal life being more interlinked than ever and causing new experiences of work. From an organizational angle, it is key to stay connected to your employees.

Although the crisis revealed vulnerabilities in the current HR ecosystem (e.g., a lack of system integrations), it also presents an opportunity for HR to lead by example and demonstrate how the company will succeed in a continually disrupted world by adopting more digital HR ways of working.

When COVID-19 began to influence companies, organizations that had already invested in a scalable and stable HR Technology environment were — and continue to be — able to respond quickly and easily.

We’ll highlight HR’s ability to lead the charge in being digital, and use the momentum to drive HR to be more forward-thinking and creative in their next steps — we’ll do so by leveraging Megasoft’ s versatile HR Digital Technology platform with add-on futuristic solutions.

How Megasoft HR Technology will assist you

So, how do HR departments recognize infrastructure gaps and make necessary changes to re-establish their viability? We often use our Megasoft Digital HR Technology to quickly identify HR technology weak points, uncover untapped potential, and develop creative new strategies to assist organizations in their transition to Digital HR Technology.

In practice, we’ve found that this offers useful insights into a more stable HR Technology environment, which enhances productivity, maintains business continuity, and increases employee experience — all of which are crucial for companies during a crisis.

We see that companies are prepared with targeted digital transformation programs in around 4–5 weeks, allowing them to close existing gaps and take the next step forward in being digital and creative HR space.

- Written by Ritesh — Senior VP Marketing at Megasoft Solutions